FAQ's about the Marry Me Song by Dewey Wallace

Frequently Asked Questions

How long did it take you to write Marry me? Believe it or not I have worked on it about 250 hours over a 3 month period! This of course does include practice time as well.

Why did it take so long to write? Because I have a day job and could only work on it during my spare time. Also there were revisions & changes that extended the process. In addition it was my first song recorded in a studio and I had a lot to learn.

Did you find anything hard about the recording process? Singing with headphones on has proved to be the most difficult thing for me so far. In fact it took as long to do the vocals as everything else combined.

Is this the first song you have written? It is not the first I have written but it is the first one I have ever finished.

Will you be writing any more songs? You bet! I have already finished "Micki's Song" and "A Fools Lament" and even working on some new ones as well..

What musical genre do you consider your songs to be? It has been hard to say as it could be Country, Rock, Pop. Inspirational or Easy Listening. The songs seem to have a crossover appeal for almost anyone. But it is listed as Pop.

What kind of acoustic guitar did you play? I played a Guild D-55 that has been adjusted to carry a heavier gauge string. This allows a deeper tone with a long sustain on a guitar that already has a deep sound. I have owned several types of guitars but the Guild is by far my favorite due to its rich & unique tonal quality.


Do you plan to tour or put a band together? At this time no such plans exist. For now I just consider myself a songwriter.



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