About the Marry Me Song by Dewey Wallace


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The Marry Me song story

     The question that seems to be asked the most often is, “How did you come up with this song?” I have had guitars most of my life and have played around at writing songs but never really finished any. After the sale of my home in April 2007, I suddenly had the freedom that enabled me to devote more time to my music.
     Having never played many songs with bar chords I set out to learn some "bar chord" music, only to find that I was having terrible cramping problems that did not allow me to play even one song through to the finish. So, in order to overcome this deficit, I picked a series of chords that sounded really good together, added a few quick chord changes and just started playing them faster & faster. As time went on, it settled into a melody that moved me, and I just kept right on working at it!

     In that same time frame, my good friend Randy bought a guitar and came to me for some lessons. While I was playing some of what I had been working on, he made the comment, “That’s GREAT! You should write it into a song.” Each time he heard the tune’s progress, he would push more emphatically, until I finally realized that he really meant what he was saying and not just “being nice”. My confidence grew when I dropped in at Sam Ash music store one weekend and entered the acoustic guitar room. It was packed with people talking, laughing and playing guitars. I made my way to the back of the room, picked up a Taylor guitar, and began to play.  Within 20 seconds, the ONLY sound in the room was me playing that Taylor! A little unnerved by all the attention, I stopped, but the group insisted that I keep on playing.  Everybody in the room crowded around as I played the riffs (and not without several mistakes I can tell you!). When I finished playing, the people clapped and encouraged me to write that music into a song, and there it began!

     After a month or so of refining the music came the time when it was necessary to write the lyrics. (Download Lyrics Here) Working on the premise that the music was as great as everyone keeps saying it was I knew that the lyrics would have to be something special that anyone would love, and they had to be happy to fit the upbeat tone. It occurred to me one day that it was time for a really good marriage song, so it became Marry Me.


          Being as I have never been married, and am currently single, it is somewhat ironic that a marriage song evolved from this effort. This song was truly written for the as yet unknown woman I hope I will someday marry.  In the meantime, I want to share it with all of you.

        It is my hope that you enjoy this song as much as I have enjoyed creating and recording it and my wish for you all is the very, very best that life has to offer.

Dewey Wallace

Recorded July, 2008 at Durbin Audio Designs, Winter Garden, Fl.

Marry Me © 2008 Dewey Wallace


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