About the song A Fools Lament by songwriter Dewey Wallace

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The story of the song "A Fools Lament"


Because this song is a demo copy it is a free music download and you may share it with anyone you like. Just RIGHT-CLICK this link and choose "Save Target As".

     This song has a very personal history to it as it is my very first attempt at songwriting about 14 years ago. This was the time in my growth as a guitarist where I really started seriously picking out my own musical riffs. So this was my first real musical riff but the song musically grew & evolved over a period of several years.
     When it came time to start to create some lyrics (Download Lyrics Here) I discovered that I had not a clue where to start.  About 5 or 6 years ago my car had to go into the shop for repairs and when it came time to pick it up no one was available to give me a ride. So I walked down to the city bus stop and waited for it to arrive. As the bus squeaked to a stop I jumped on and dropped in my coins. Turning to find a seat I looked straight into the eyes of an angel!

     Taking a nearby seat is when I got my first real look and found a pretty girl, impeccably dressed and really could have the mold for "my type" of woman. Looking into her face I found a warm friendly expression as she was looking back at me. In the few moments we locked eyes she gave me every positive signal you could possibly ask for and yes you guessed it....

     I DID NOTHING! For some foolish reason I turned and looked out the window and watched the buildings go by. The bus arrived at my stop first and as I looked at her she had a hurt look on her face. About the time the door closed behind me and the bus began to move then began the self incrimination. As it was still  about a mile long walk to the dealership there was plenty of time to beat myself up over the incident.


     Later when I got home I picked up the guitar and began to play and in the span of a couple of hours came up with what became the first verse & the first half of the chorus. Over time the song expanded and eventually largely ended up on the shelf. From time to time I would play it for people that came to my home, but that was about it. The rest of the lyrics ultimately came from mistakes that I have made in relationships throughout my life.
     And yes I actually went and rode the bus the next day hoping for a second chance but alas it was not to be. She was not on the bus. I guess the lesson here it that if you succumb to cowardice in your daily life you miss out on the rewards of life, and end up singing a fools lament!

        It is my hope that you enjoy this song as much as I have enjoyed writing and recording it and my wish for you all is the very, very best that life has to offer.

Dewey Wallace

Recorded September, 2008 at Durbin Audio Designs, Winter Garden, Fl.

A Fools Lament © 2008 Dewey Wallace


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